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Samsung MobilePrint is a free application which enables to print photos, documents and web pages directly from your smartphone and tablet. The application also enables scanning document to your mobile device directly.

[To-Be Updates in 2nd Week Sep.]
1. Office Document Printing locally stored
2. Shared printers via Google Cloud Service
3. Option for Selecting Page Range and Zooming

[Updates with V1.01.03]
1. GoogleDocs & SNS Printing (Facebook & Twitter)
2. Printing on supported printers shared on Windows(SMB)
- Make sure you have shared printers in PC running Windows.
- Press menu and select "Add device manually", then choose SMB.
- Type in IP address of PC and other fields.
3. Double-Sided Printing options are added
5. New models are added
- SCX-1490W, SCX-2000FW, ML-2950 Series, SCX-472x Series

[Updates with V1.00.16]
1. add and configure printers manually
- When printer is not discovered automatically, press menu and select Add device manually option to type IP address
2. add connected printers via print server
- You can add printers connected through print server like Airport Express, HP Jet Direct, Dlink etc.
- Type IP address of print server and select appropriate printer from device list
3. models are added to support
- CLP-300 series/CLX-216x series/CLX-3160 series

[Updates with V1.00.13]
1. Installation via SD Card (Android 2.2 or higher)
2. Printer Discovery with SNMP
- Bonjour tech. is basic discovery method, but some smart devices doesn't support multicasting that enables automatic printer discovery.
- This update will enhance printer discovery available on your wireless network.

[Key features & Benefits]
- Automatic printer searching on a local wireless network
- Compatible with Samsung wireless and networked printers only
- Print photos, PDF documents and web pages
- Scan document directly to your mobile device

- Only Samsung branded printers supported.
- Either wireless or network connection are supported.
(Printers connected with PC via USB are not supported)
* We recommend to connect printer with same AP the phone connected.
** If AP is used in routing mode, please enable multicasting.

[Supported Network Models with Ethernet or Wi-Fi]
*CLP-300/31x/32x/350/610/620/660/670/770 series
*CLX-216x/316x/317x/318x/838x/854x/9250/9350 series
*ML-1865W/2525W/257x/2580N/285x/305x/347x/331x/371x/405x/455x/551x/651x Series
*SCX-3205W/4623/4x24/4x26/4x28/4x33/4x35/5x35/5x37/5x39/6545/6555/8030/8040 Series

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